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Forward Tee Project Underway

In 2018, new forward tee locations were introduced on several holes. This allowed us to implement middle tees on some of the old forward tee locations. With three yardages now available, the course is more accommodating to golfers of all skill levels. The forward tees play to an accepted length for women, with a par of 36 vs the previous 39 and the middle tee yardage is more suitable for many golfers, including many of our senior guests. This 2018 initiative was well received and improved pace of play.

This month, we begin a project to make the forward tee locations permanent. After receiving feedback and conducting further analysis, some of the locations have been revised. Originally scheduled for early May, the project was delayed, due to record rain events and rainfall. The process involves raising the new tee areas above their existing fairway elevation, laser leveling and sodding. Weather permitting, the project is expected to be completed in 3-4 weeks, with the tees being ready for play in mid-July, after the sod has healed.

The improvements will be done in phases, containing the work to small areas of the course. We appreciate your patience during the construction, as we continue to make improvements to the facility.

Sydney Marovitz | Hole #3 | June 2019

Hole #3 Renovation