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Is it Summer Yet?

This weather is crazy right?  I am a transplant Chicagoan, originally from Ohio.  In Ohio we have this really awesome couple of months we call summer.  The sun makes the air really warm, and we cut our pants in half and call them shorts, then cut the sleeves off  our shirts as well (the spot at which we cut our  sleeves remains a point of contention, especially at fancy restaurants).  But anyways, you know what’s great about Chicago?  The people.  No matter the weather you show up to play our courses and hit at our driving ranges, and it’s fantastic.  Golf thrives in Chicago not because of the “summer” phenomenon which other areas experience.  It’s because there are a lot of cool people willing to brave the unpredictability (maybe it’s predictably bad?) of this weather and have fun playing golf.  So the next time you crack open your beverage at Sydney Marovitz Golf Course (undoubtedly by using the sleeve of your pullover/jacket/rain jacket/winter coat) think about how cool you really are.